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[S18E16] Should I Stay Or Should I Go [UPDATED]

The studio crew calls cut and Heidi rushes off set. Benson follows and asks what happened. Heidi says that she was raped by Harold Coyle on the couch in his office back in January. After Benson says they should talk, Heidi takes back her statement and walks away.

[S18E16] Should I Stay or Should I Go

Back in Benson's office, Chief Dodds shows up. He asks them if they are investigating Coyle, which she confirms, though she says that it is extremely preliminary at the moment. The chief reminds them that the network has a lot of power and extends a warning: if they have evidence of a crime, they should of course investigate, but they better be sure.

Outside, Benson confronts Dodds about what Coyle said. The chief interrupts to tell her that it was not her fault and he said a lot of things he shouldn't have. He says the wound is still fresh and Olivia says she knows. As they part, Dodds says that they cannot give up or the bullies win.

In front of the judge, Barba argues that the victims' statements should be heard in court by the jury due to showing a history and pattern. The defense argues this would be prejudicial. The judge agrees and throws out the statements.

Shots ring out in the opening seconds of the NCIS season finale. Bishop, McGee and Torres are in a warehouse defending themselves against three assailants who are using much bigger weapons than what the agents are carrying. McGee yells that they should wait for their inbound back-up, but Bishop is pinned down with only two rounds left. With no other choice, she tells the others to cover her while she makes a move. Against their better judgment, McGee and Torres lay down cover fire as Bishop runs, slides and fires her last two rounds, killing two of the shooters as the third makes his escape. 041b061a72


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