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Taras Evseev
Taras Evseev

IT9910 Grabber Device (HD) Drivers For Windows 7 64-bit WORK

I ordered EasyCap, but it does not work on windows 10. I found driver for windows 10 online, but it didn't work. Someone knows how could I solve this problem? The device is recognized as an audio device also after I installed the driver.Thank you very much.

IT9910 Grabber Device (HD) Drivers For Windows 7 64-bit


Windows 10 1803's Device Manager shows it under Other devices > Unknown device > Details tab > Device instance path> Value = USB\VID_1C88&PID_0007\SMBL007. Events tab will list entries such as:Device not migratedDevice installed (smiusbgrabber3f.inf_...Info:Driver Management concluded the process to install driver smiusbgrabber3f.inf_amd64_62fdac16904230b7 for Device Instance ID USB\VID_1C88&PID_0007\SMBL007 with the following status: 0xE0000234.


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