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[S5E22] It's Fine, I Work Here. ((INSTALL))

Izzie: My shoes are, ah, in the closet there. Bailey?Bailey: Um, shoes, right.Izzie: You're supposed to be helping me get ready. I can still go right? I mean, the tumors not going anywhere. So...Bailey: Yeah... you can go.Izzie: Ok, well... we don't wanna be late. Bailey!Bailey: Ah, Oh, here she comes.Izzie: Mer! You're supposed to be at the church.Meredith: I'm going. i just came to say this isn't my dress.Izzie: Of course it's your dress. It's perfect. What are you talking about?Meredith: No, this dress is not for me.Izzie: I don't... what? Oh god! i knew you were gonna freak out before the wedding. Mer, Derek loves you. Marriage is good. Tell her it's good.Bailey: No, she's saying it's not her wedding dress.Alex: She's right. The dress, it isn't for Meredith.(Mer smiles and looks between Alex and Izzie)Izzie: (Smiles in disbelief)

[S5E22] It's Fine, I Work Here.

Arizona: I just want you to know that I am hurt. I am hurt, and I am angry. Because, I thought that we had something. I thought that we were going somewhere. And, if you're just sleeping around. If you're just making the rounds on girl surgeons, then I think you oughtta know that I...Callie: We went to a fancy restaurant.Arizona: What?Callie: We went to a fancy restaurant, the nicest in Seattle. The salad that I ordered, the salad cost $26.95. The wine that you ordered cost $125 a bottle. I didn't even look at the entrees because I knew I wasn't gonna be able to order one. Because, I was already out 75 bucks, and I don't even like salad.Arizona: Oh.Callie: And, then the bill came and you...Arizona: I paid.Callie: Do you know what I was doing before they brought over the check? I was counting in my head, trying to figure out how I was going to buy food for the rest of the week if my half was 75 bucks, because I don't have 75 bucks, because my father disowned me. And, has cleared out my bank account. I am broke, and I am exhausted Arizona. I'm working in the ER because I need the money. 6 people died on my watch today and I am fried. I wanted to stay in last night. I thought, I thought that last night would be the night for us. You know? Our night. But, you wanted to go to a fancy restaurant. I can't do that. I can't.Arizona: It's ok. It's ok. Hey, so, we'll stay in, and we'll eat sandwiches.Callie: You don't even like sandwiches.Arizona: But, I like the girl who has the sandwiches. Ok?Callie: Ok. No, you know what... I don't like sandwiches either. I like pizza.Arizona: I like pizza too.

Cristina: You slept here?Callie: I'm awake. What?Cristina: You slept here? I slept here!Callie: Um, how? Wait... who? What?Cristina: I slept in the on call room.Callie: Oh.Cristina: I could have been at home in my own bed.Callie: Sorry.Cristina: Now I have to work all day, and then I have to be happy maid of honour and get Meredith down the aisle. I'm so tired, 'cause I slept here! 'Cause you wanted to get your freak on with roller skate girl.Callie: I am sorry. I was gonna, but, we went to dinner and, things didn't... I wasn't in the mood. I had to be here early anyway, to run the ER, so...Cristina: Oh, you're picking up extra shifts in the ER? So is ah, is Owen not here today?Callie: Ah, he's here. Oh crap! I'm late. Hey.Meredith: Hey.Cristina: BIG DAY! Biggest day of your life!Meredith: Don't do that! Don't do the peppy maid of honour thing, it's creepy!Cristina: Really? Good. Wait... is this like the calm before the storm? Do you need me to drug you? Or shave of your eyebrows to numb you into submission?Meredith: No! I'm fine. It's not the biggest day of my life. It's the biggest day of Izzie's life. I'm excited about the marriage, not some wedding. Anyway, she's the one that's gone all bridezilla.Cristina: Briiiideeezillaaaaaaaaa...

Sam: Well, we can be open for our new majordomo. What can I get you?Graham: Uh, if it's not a problem, I'll have a Mai Tai with lime.Sam: That's funny, that's what my ex-husband used to get.Graham: Hmm. Always cheers me up. I think it's the little umbrella.Sam: (laughs) Well, maybe I should try that because vodka isn't doing the job.Graham: You know, when alcohol fails, sometimes talking helps. Or even better, a combo of the two. And I'm a great listener. Tiny umbrella for your thoughts?Sam: My friend is moving away, and I've been acting like an idiot trying to keep him here. I guess I feel like everyone I care about eventually abandons me, including my ex. And now I'm turning into a crazy person who is all alone.Graham: You're not crazy. And you're not alone.

(Damon starts getting Stefan's body while Elena and Caroline help. The scene turns into a blue hue, indicating it's being viewed from the Other Side, from which Stefan observes them as they take his body. Still on the Other Side, there is a rumble and trembling. Stefan tries to prop himself leaning on a column. It doesn't work, as we see him being dragged through the hall in direction of a window. He's lifted up in the air and he tries to hold himself at a wall corner. Right when he's about to not hold it any more, a woman reaches out and grabs him by the wrist.)

At the Waldorf's, Dan is getting ready to leave for the loft to meet Alessandra, who wants to read the first chapter of his new book. He admits that it's not completely finished since he's suffering from writer's block, and Blair tells him about her plans for the day, including going to the Met. They agree to meet for lunch. At The Empire, Nate and Lola discuss next steps on how to deal with Serena being Gossip Girl. Lola suggests the real Gossip Girl might help them, and Nate says right now isn't the opportune time to open that up, since they're so busy with Bass family drama. Lola says that Serena and Diana are allies and it can be a two birds one stone situation. Nate agrees to text the real Gossip Girl and ask for help, and Lola says she'll go visit Serena to see if she'll be willing to help with Diana. At the loft, Dana arrives to find Alessandra already inside. She demands the manuscript, but Dan says it's still coming along. She says she knows he's blocked and she has a solution, and if he meets her friend Lucia for lunch, he'll find out what. He says he already has plans with Blair, but Alessandra promises he'll want to cancel them. Elsewhere outside, Blair is on her way to the museum when she's stopped by Chuck. He's in the middle of asking her to help him crack the code in the planner when she gets a text from Dan, saying he has to cancel lunch. She then agrees to help him. At the Waldorf's, Lola arrives to see Serena, who wants to know why Lola is there after she was told to stay away. Lola replies that she doesn't understand why Serena hates her when all she's done is protect her secret and goes to leave, when Serena says that if it's important, she does want to hear. Lola announces she can't trust Diana because she's working with the real Gossip Girl to take her down. Serena answers that that isn't surprising, since she has a history with Gossip Girl and is probably trying to protect herself. Lola says it might help if she can find Diana's secret first. Serena inquires how and Lola explains Nate stole Diana's planner but it's in code, and if Serena can break the code, she has her secret. Serena replies that she once saw Diana transcribe her planner using a smaller notebook, and Lola realizes that's probably the key. She asks Serena to get it, and Serena agrees to go to Diana's office to find it, so long as Lola helps her figure the secret out. Lola leaves, and Serena heads back to her computer and messages Diana that Nate indeed has her book. Diana replies that Serena knows what the next step is.

Later, Serena calls Lola from Diana's office and insists she can't find it anywhere. Lola encourages her to keep looking since Nate didn't see it at the hotel. Serena says she'll call when she leaves and hangs up. Once she does, Diana, who is sitting across from her, says that creating the key notebook was genius. Serena tells her not to worry since the book is useless without the code, but Diana says she won't feel completely better until she gets it back. She proposes that if Serena can get her book back, she'll give her the real Gossip Girl's cell phone number. Diana suggests that she use the number to track her down, and then blackmail her into keeping the site. Serena asks how she's sure if it's the real number, and Diana says she'll find out when she gets the book back. Meanwhile at the Waldorf's, Blair comes downstairs dressed like Diana. She takes the book from Chuck and begins eliminating classic common codes. She grabs her cypher slide, and explains she wrote her diary in code at one point when she suspected Eleanor was reading them. Blair realizes that on the first Saturday of every month, there's an appointment made up of fourteen or fifteen letters and if they crack those, everything else can be translated. She points out that this month's appointment is that night. Chuck chimes in that Nate was dating Diana during some of the months and maybe he remembers something. They go off to find him. Meanwhile, Dan meets Alessandra's friend Lucia for lunch. She invites him to attend The Italian Arts and Letters Institute in Rome, and live there for the whole summer. Dan is stunned, but says he's honored and that he really needs it. He continues that he needs to talk to Blair about it, and Lucia says that she's leaving the next day and will need his answer that night. He promises to give her the answer by that night. At The Empire, Nate and Lola are looking over information Andrew Tyler found. Serena arrives and apologizes for not having better luck on her search. She suggests that since she's the one who originally saw the key, maybe if she saw the planner she would have luck cracking it. Nate says it's too bad Chuck has it, but Chuck and Blair then walk in. Chuck announces they might have a lead on the code thanks to Blair. Dan then calls Blair, and Serena sees the planner. On the phone, Dan tells Blair about his invitation. He says he would be gone all summer, but Blair says he could never stand in the way of the opportunity. He asks where she is, and she answers that she is at The Empire with Chuck, but Nate, Serena, and Lola are also there. She reminds him of their conversation from earlier, how they don't hold each other back, and hangs up. Meanwhile, Nate can't remember anything unusual on those days and that he and Diana never really spent time together outside the office. Serena says that's her cue to leave and heads for the elevator, promising to keep looking for the key. Blair goes to get the book, and realizes it's gone. Lola pieces together Serena stole it and runs to stop her, which she does. 041b061a72


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