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Copleston Historia Filosofia 3 Pdf

Although rather a vague radical reformer, he believed he had hit upon the right formula for a New Catholicism. The desire to eradicate the errors and abuses of the old education had led him to a serious study of the history of philosophy. Therefore the subject of philosophical history was the only one which he could treat with any degree of accuracy, and his first work, Historia de la Filosofa, volumes I-IV (1946-1952), is merely a survey of Greek and Latin philosophy from the point of view of the Christian religion. It begins with a survey of Egyptian philosophy, then of the ideas and events in early Greek philosophy, the Pythagoreans, the Presocratics, the Sophists, Socrates and the Sceptics, Plato and Aristotle, and the Stoics, Empiricists and Academics. Finally, it treats of the various schools of Christian philosophy from the time of Saint Paul and Origen, to Augustine, Bonaventura and Thomas Aquinas. The second part (1955) and the third and last (1960) deal respectively with the Medieval and Renaissance philosophy. It is here that Copleston is best known and most widely read.

Copleston Historia Filosofia 3 Pdf

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A complete history of western philosophy (I-III), in the form of an encyclopaedic study of classical and medieval thought. The work is presented in the form of a thematic series of short articles each dealing with a particular philosophical doctrine, arranged in chronological order and accompanied by quotations from the most important sources. Copleston's brief articles are all accessible without any previous knowledge of the subjects he discusses, and the work as a whole is intended as a readable general history of philosophy, which also treats of the religious history of the West from the dawn of Greek philosophy to the Renaissance.


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