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Emma (2020) ((FULL))

In March 2019, Bill Nighy, Mia Goth, Josh O'Connor, Callum Turner, Miranda Hart, Rupert Graves, Gemma Whelan, Amber Anderson and Tanya Reynolds joined the cast,[7] and Alexandra Byrne signed as costume designer.[8] Principal photography began on 18 March 2019, was scheduled to conclude on 24 May, but eventually wrapped on 6 June 2019.[9][10][11]

Emma (2020)

I adore it. Except for the bloody nose scene. Totally takes me out of the scene. And then when I learned it was the director putting her own experience in the film regarding nose bleeds, that really annoyed me. -02-15/emma-film-nosebleed/

Since 2012 Hilary has worked between Sydney and London as a freelance curator, historian, broadcaster, teacher, lecturer, consultant and designer. Current projects include Dress in the Age of Jane Austen (Yale, 2019), and completing a PhD by publication at La Trobe University, Melbourne, on knowledge making and materiality in pre-modern dress (2020).

It often feels like today is mirroring the Austen craze of the 90s. Historical or period dramas like Bridgerton and The Great are dominating streaming services. Netflix announced that Bridgerton, the soapy, modernized drama set in Regency England, has become their biggest series ever. Another modern take on a classic 19th century book by Austen, Emma (2020), starring Anya Taylor-Joy, has been acclaimed by viewers everywhere. In anticipation of the upcoming Oscars in which Emma received multiple nominations, I rewatched this new adaptation along with the 1996 Emma starring Gwyneth Paltrow, and here are my thoughts on how they stand up to each other.

Emma. (2020) was filmed in All Saints Church, Chavenage House, Firle Place, Kingston Bagpuize House & Garden, Leith Hill (Box Hill picnic), Lower Slaughter, Pinewood Studios, Ramster Hall, Wilton and Wilton House.

In March 2019, Bill Nighy, Mia Goth, Josh O'Connor, Callum Turner, Miranda Hart, Rupert Graves, Gemma Whelan, Amber Anderson and Tanya Reynolds joined the cast of the film. Alexandra Byrne was costume designer for the film. Principal photography began on 18 March 2019.

Rounding out the cast are actress Letty Thomas (Queens of Mystery and Doc Martin) as Biddy, actor Angus Imrie (Fleabag and The Kid Who Would be King) as Bartholomew, actor Edward Davis (The Little Drummer Girl and Radioactive) as Charles, and actress Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones and Upstart Crow) and actor Rupert Graves (V for Vendetta and Sherlock) as Mrs. and Mr. Weston. All of these character, though minor supporting roles in the movie, are still effectively good and filling the rest of the players in the film.

Director Autumn de Wilde's EMMA. is based on Jane Austen's classic 19th century novel in which aristocratic not-quite-21-year-old Emma Woodhouse (Anya Taylor-Joy) is bored after the marriage of her beloved governess, Miss Taylor (Gemma Whelan), to widower Mr. Weston (Rupert Graves). Looking for a matchmaking project, Emma, who lives with her anxious father (Bill Nighy), befriends Harriet Smith (Mia Goth), a young woman of unknown parentage who attends the village's boarding school for underprivileged girls. Emma is determined to pair Harriet with young vicar Mr. Elton (Josh O'Connor), so she convinces Harriet not to accept a proposal from handsome tenant farmer Robert Martin (Connor Swindells). Emma's neighbor (and sister's brother-in-law) Mr. Knightley (Johnny Flynn) advises her against meddling, but she'll hear none of it. Meanwhile, Mr. Weston's mysterious son, Frank Churchill (Callum Turner), who's set to inherit a mansion, and Jane Fairfax (Amber Anderson), the accomplished and educated niece of village spinster Miss Bates (Miranda Hart), each arrive in Highbury, adding comedic drama to Emma's social circle. Love triangles, social faux pas, balls, proposals, and weddings ensue. 041b061a72


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