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[S2E9] Original Skin PORTABLE

At a nightclub, Michelle and Sid reveal they are a couple. Cassie states Tony should be with Michelle in an attempt to get with Sid. Tony laughs off the idea. Tony takes ecstasy and elements of his old personality surface. He confronts Sid and Michelle about their relationship before vomiting in the toilets. He meets a girl (Janet Montgomery) whom he later sees at a university open day. She is provocative and outspoken, helping Tony overcome his erectile dysfunction. She gets a tattoo and they then have sex in a dormitory. Afterward, Tony goes to the nightclub again and interrupts Sid and Michelle having sex in a toilet. He tells them their relationship is wrong and leaves. Both Sid and Michelle have doubts about their relationship.[6] The episode is a visual metaphor of Jungian psychology. Janet's tattoo appears on Tony's skin, indicating she could have been part of his subconscious mind.[citation needed]

[S2E9] Original Skin

A significant amount of original footage was cut from the episode during editing but was restored for the TNG Season 2 Blu-ray release. [4] [5] The "extended edition" features a fifty-seven-minute version of the episode, containing approximately thirteen minutes of restored scenes and visual effects, including:

Bob and Reza continue to wait in the holding cell. Reza starts to get agitated that they aren't allowed to see a lawyer and starts asking Bob if he has anything to hide. The two continue to argue while George and Tony listen outside, and finally Reza offers to track the shipping order at the main offices. Bob becomes angry and has to be restrained, and Reza tells him he refuses to take the fall for him.

Eko calls Locke aside and, after leading in with a story about Josiah and the book found during Josiah's rule, reveals a hollowed-out Bible which contains a small reel of 16mm film. The book was found by the tail-section survivors in the DHARMA bunker they inhabited on the other side of the Island. Locke unrolls part of the reel and recognizes Dr. Marvin Candle, the narrator from the original film.

Locke discovers that the film found in the bible was cut from the original Swan orientation film; Eko and Locke splice the film back into the main film reel. Locke marvels at the odds of them finding the missing piece, but Eko advises him not to "mistake coincidence for fate."

Archer is holding Delaney at gunpoint in the woods. Delaney mocks Archer and says that Archer won't kill him as Archer has too much honor to kill an old man in a wheelchair, and further mocks Archer by revealing that he slept with Malory at a single's resort in Thailand at some point. Delaney starts to wheel himself away when Archer stops him (Asking the same question Ruth ask him), turns slowly, and fires his gun and the video pauses is rewound and replayed at this point over and over again.

Dear Dad ... Three was the ninth episode of Season 2 of the TV series M*A*S*H, also the 32nd overall episode of the series. Written by Larry Gelbart and Laurence Marks, and directed by Don Weis, it originally aired on CBS-TV on November 10, 1973.

Later, while relaxing at one of the regular camp "Happy Hours" in the Swamp, Hawkeye tells Trapper about his encounter with Sgt. Condon. Together, they hatch a scheme to teach him a lesson. "Nothing violent," Trapper says, "just a bit of reverse prejudice." They go to Post-Op where Condon is still asleep and paint him with tincture of iodine which makes his skin appear darker.

Inside the cell, Belle asks Hook if the Evil Queen sent him to kill her. When Hook replies that he is there to rescue her, Belle asks who he is. Hook simply replies, "a friend". Hook further explains that her father is being attacked by Rumplestiltskin, and must be stopped. He asks Belle about a magical weapon that can stop him. When it becomes apparent that Belle has no knowledge useful to him, Hook knocks her out. He raises his hook in preparation to strike the unconscious Belle, and as he swings downward, it disappears. The Evil Queen stands in the doorway of the cell with his hook in her hand.

Captain Hook asks for his hook back, but the Queen refuses. The Queen knows of Hook and she knows all about the crocodile he wants to skin. She then states that she can help him, as long as he helps her first. She invites Hook to tea where she tells him about her plan to unleash the Dark Curse, and how it will take them to a new land, a land without magic. There Hook will be able to kill Rumplestiltskin with ease, but first he must kill the one person who may stand in her way, her mother.

In the present Enchanted Forest, Mulan, Princess Aurora, Mary Margaret, and Emma search through the cave to find Rumplestiltskin's cell. When they find it Mary Margaret tells Emma it was the place where Rumplestiltskin told them she was to be the savior. Emma is surprised by this. As they are looking for the squid ink Aurora finds a scroll left by Rumplestiltskin for Emma. She is handed the scroll and sees her name written over and over again.

In the Storybrooke mines, Leroy notices that all the diamonds are gone. Ruby runs in asking him what happened, and she too notices the diamonds have disappeared. Meanwhile, Henry continues reading his book to a sleeping David before Ruby and the seven dwarves walk in. After they tell him about the missing diamonds, he realizes that Regina lied to him. The group decide to help Emma and Mary Margaret.

In Wonderland's past, Cora continues to interrogate Hook. Cora tells him that Regina should have been the one to come, then releases her grip on Hook's heart. Hook thanks her for taking mercy on him. She then offers him the choice to travel back to the Enchanted Forest with her. Hook is confused and asks her why, to which Cora responds by telling him that the curse will erase all of his memory, so he will not be able to remember his feud with Rumplestiltskin. Cora asks of Hook to bring her close to her daughter, so she can rip her heart out. In exchange Hook will be spared from the curse, meaning that he will remember everything.

Hook walks toward her from behind the vault of hearts, asking why she didn't kill Regina. Cora tells Hook that she has changed her mind, but that they must protect themselves from the impending curse. Later as the curse comes storming through the land, Cora plunges a staff into the ground causing magic to be propelled into the sky, this creates a shield over a small island of the Enchanted Forest. The Curse settles overhead, but does not engulf them. Everyone in this corner of the land will be frozen until the savior comes. Cora tells Hook that in twenty-eight years the savior will come. They will remain frozen until then, when Cora will reconcile with her daughter and Hook will get his revenge. 041b061a72


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