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Kitab Idaman Penuntut Pdf Downlo

Kitab Idaman Penuntut Pdf Downlo

Kitab Idaman Penuntut is a book of Islamic jurisprudence written by Sheikh Haji Abdul Ghani bin Haji Yahya, a prominent scholar from Nusantara (Malay Archipelago). The book is divided into three volumes, covering various topics such as worship, transactions, marriage, inheritance, and criminal law. The book is written in Jawi script, which is a modified Arabic script used to write Malay language.

The book is considered as one of the most comprehensive and authoritative sources of Islamic law in the region. It is widely used by students and scholars of Islamic studies, as well as by judges and lawyers in the Sharia courts. The book is also praised for its clarity and simplicity in explaining complex and intricate issues of Islamic law.

Kitab Idaman Penuntut Pdf Downlo

The book is available in PDF format for free download from the Internet Archive . The PDF files contain scanned images of the original pages of the book, which can be viewed using any PDF reader software. The files are also searchable and can be copied and pasted. However, some users may encounter difficulties in reading the Jawi script, especially if they are not familiar with it.

Therefore, it is recommended that users who want to download and read the book have some basic knowledge of Jawi script, or use a transliteration tool to convert the text into Latin script. Alternatively, users can also refer to other sources of Islamic law that are written in more accessible languages, such as Arabic or English.


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