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Taras Evseev
Taras Evseev

Watch Dark Matter 3x06

In the original timeline, Gordon died in late 2419 when the USS Orville was destroyed in a dark matter storm. The timeline was permanently altered when Pria Lavesque saved the Orville in an attempt to steal the ship.[31]

Watch Dark Matter 3x06


While aboard the Orville, Gordon increasingly desired companionship and, by August 2420, was romantically interested in the ship's new dark matter cartographer Janel Tyler. He asked Chief of Security Alara Kitan for information about Janel with the intention to ask her to Bortus' ja'loja, though Alara refused. Gordon even synthesized a new outfit and practiced approaching Janel with John in the Environmental Simulator by flirting with simulated women.[16] 041b061a72


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