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Hygge West Home: Design For A Cozy Life

Chock full with 240 pages of aspirational interiors, engaging homeowner interviews, and tips for recreating their cozy style in any space, our book explores what makes a home a truly personal space and offers readers the tools and inspiration to bring their own vision of hygge to life.

Hygge West Home: Design for a Cozy Life

Readers can look forward to 20 features of lovely spaces accompanied by interviews with the very gracious, very interesting homeowners. Everyone has created a thoughtful, beautiful home that perfectly reflects their design aesthetic, personality and lifestyle. We intentionally chose homes from a wide variety of decor schemes to show all the different ways cozy design can come to life. We hope that readers will see and read things that inspire them to create their own personal haven.

Living in Color: Color in Contemporary Interior Design by Stella Paul and India Mahdavi: An inspirational visual journey along the color spectrum, brought to life via the best contemporary residential interior design.

At Home in Joshua Tree: A Field Guide to Desert Living by Sara Combs and Rich Combs: This beautifully illustrated lifestyle guide from the creators of The Joshua Tree House shows you how to infuse your life with desert vibes, from home designs and entertaining plans to wellness rituals.

From the ladies behind the Hygge & West brand comes a unique exploration of décor and hygge. The book answers the question of how to create a home filled with natural elements, spaces for family and friends, bits of coziness, and special charms. Showcasing a variety of home styles and sizes, belonging to creatives from a range of fields, the book offers readers inspiration for creating a meaningful, cozy, and comfortable home anywhere.

The book is divided into chapters, each one tackling an aspect of hygge (nature, family, small spaces, and charm) and showing home tours that accomplish each aspect. The home tours also include interviews with the homeowner, getting the inside scoop on what they love about their homes and what inspires cozy feelings, as well as design tips for decorating in their own home.

A very thorough and detailed read about how hygge can improve everything in life. The author applies hygge or hyggeligt to music, food, sleeping, exercise, and well-being. There is even a 30 day hygge challenge at the end. Thoughtfully written, and sweetly illustrated with hand drawn graphics, this cozy book would make a wonderful gift as an introduction to all things hygge.

While the author is part Danish, she focuses on the fact that you don't need to be Danish to live a hygge lifestyle. A delightful book that talks about memory, mindfulness, living in the moment, and the many simple ways we can bring hygge into our lives in moments throughout the day.

I would have to say this is my second favorite book! The author brings a more philosophical view to Hygge, and how you can turn unpleasant situations (like being stuck in traffic) in hygge life experiences! She also has an offer for an additional free book on Minimalism. Now I have this book as a Kindle version, and because I have Kindle Unlimited, I get to read it for free!

A lovely picture book, by two interior designers and owners of Hygge & West. The focus is on their view of making your home hygge and cozy, and I must admit the photos make me want to go right out and buy a new set of sheets and lots of pillows. A fun read to be sure.

Written by an American with a Danish background, I love the way the author applies American coziness to living a Hygge life. Ten chapters cover everything from entertaining, being calm, and how to cozy up your work life!

As the title suggests this beautifully photographed book is all about how to survive winter with hygge. Chapters include recipes, gardening, ideas for DIY crafts, and how to get through the grey winter days. I love the section on holidays & celebrations and of course candlelight is a perfect way to get some hygge into your life!

This delightful rom-com is the perfect companion to a hygge afternoon, curled up in front of a fireplace, or candles or both, a cozy drink to enjoy. Let the winds and snow blow outside while you spend time with Clara and Joe and experience how hygge will impact their lives during the holidays. 041b061a72


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