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Joseph Cox
Joseph Cox

Where To Buy Fokof Lager

Only 1000 of these lagers will be produced, equalling 10 560 litres of beer. Thereafter, they will cease to be. Better still, buying a case of six cans will offer entry into a competition where you can win a PlayStation 4 and a bunch of other prizes.

where to buy fokof lager


The official launch of the Fokof Lager vs Mortal Kombat 11 gamer cans will be held at Fokof Bar in Pretoria on 9th May where these cans will also be on sale. A super fun game night is planned with the members of Fokofpolisiekar.

Fokof Lager is running a national competition whereby a participating bar, club or restaurant listed below could win a FREE Fokofpolisiekar show for its punters. The winning establishment will be determined by the amount of growth in Fokof Lager sold over the May, June and July period of 2018. 041b061a72


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