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Curse Of Monkey Island Walkthrough Pdf Download

On Blood Island, Guybrush encounters the cannibals from Monkey Island, now volcano-worshipping vegetarians. He also finds Stan, a salesman from the previous games, who sets up an insurance business. Guybrush's quests on the island involve a hotel, nacho cheese, a hangover cure, tofu, crypts, a talking skull named Murray, a broken lighthouse, and a makeshift compass. He meets the ghost of a debutante who was seduced by LeChuck, who stole the diamond from her heirloom engagement ring and sold it to smugglers on nearby Skull Island. Guybrush acquires her engagement band by reuniting her with another lost love, and cheats at poker to win the diamond from the smugglers. Putting the two together, he places the ring on Elaine's finger and breaks the curse, restoring her to normal. However, Guybrush and Elaine are swiftly captured by LeChuck's minions and taken to his Carnival of the Damned on Monkey Island.

curse of monkey island walkthrough pdf download


Each of the games takes place on fictional islands in the Caribbean around the Golden Age of Piracy sometime between the 17th and 18th centuries, though in the fashion of a theme park: The islands teem with pirates dressed in outfits that seem to come from films and comic books rather than history, and there are many deliberate anachronisms and references to modern-day popular culture. The theme park motif is particularly strong near the end of the second game, which seems to take place in the service section of a modern-day theme park, concrete tunnels complete with elevators and electric lighting. The third game begins with Guybrush adrift in a bumper car instead of a boat, and ends on a roller coaster ride on Monkey Island. Oblique references from dialogue within the games suggest this theme park motif may have been a misperception stemming from a voodoo curse, but ultimately leaves it unresolved.


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