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What Ticket To Buy For Harry Potter World HOT!

Wizarding world of Harry Potter is in islands of adventure and includes rides and shapes and the Hogg warts castle. Diagonal alley is in universal theme park side. It includes the "escape from gringotts" ride, shops and also Nocturn Alley, which is hidden and only marked by a small sign in the back of gringotts. To access both parks on the same day you must by a park-to-park ticket. This allows access to the hoggwarts express train that travels between the two worlds. It's worth it. The train ride has different scenes on the routes, so going from Islands to universal,is different from going back.

what ticket to buy for harry potter world


The both parks run into one another. You need both tickets but you can pass through the parks via the harry potter train or you can walk the long way around into the next park because they join together.

Hey guys, since I purchased a ticket for island of adventures & universal studios, do I have to pay more money to get into the Wizard World of Harry Potter??? or it is something that you pass by and never get inside and my current ticket is enough to get to this world????

Yes! The harry potter experience is included in park admission! There are experiences in both make sure to purchase the park hopper pass so you can ride the Hogwarts express from one park to the other! Its really cool!

As you have tickets for the two parks you will not have to pay any more , you will have to scan your ticket on the way in. Harry potter was the highlight for us and the water show just before 7 p.m., best seats for that is the Simpson's Duff waterfront bar ,be sure to get there around 6.20 for good seats and a drink of Duff beer they stop serving at 6.30 , enjoy.

As we have been discussing, guests can simply shop around for the best Universal Orlando ticket discounts. This will give you a ton of flexibility when trying to find the best deals to the Wizarding World of harry Potter. Historically Universal will also always have the cheapest ticket prices during slower times of year. These tend to be the months when kids are back at school or coming right after school breaks.

Since opening its doors in 2012, Harry Potter Studios Park welcomes thousands of "Potterheads" from around the world every year who travel to London expressly to see the studios where your favorite movies were filmed. This means that tickets to Warner Bros. Studios are highly coveted.

Since the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a land within a Universal theme park, you will be paying normal theme park admission prices. You can visit just one of the lands (either Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade, depending on whether you go to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure) if you choose a one-park, one-day ticket. If you want to visit both sides of Harry Potter world in one day, you will need to buy a two-parks ticket. 041b061a72


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