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Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres

Love Island : Season 6 Episode 31 EXCLUSIVE

In this episode, Nick and Simon think about the reputations of transnational ideas and organizations, starting with religions. Nick recalls regimes that have actively asserted a religious affiliation. Simon notes that today, most Western countries seek to distance themselves from a religious identity and embrace an image of tolerance. Cases discussed include Saudi Arabia, Poland and the historical strategies of the Vatican. Shifting to other transnational groupings, Simon notes that indigenous communities and small island nations around the world have begun to connect transnationally to collective benefit. Nick notes the absence of the usual zero-sum game in the collective work on indigenous communities. Other cases discussed include pan-African politics and people with disabilities. The conversation cycles back to religion and discussion of the benefit of religions collaborating to rethink the image of faith as a broad category in the 21st century. The podcast closes with a discussion of extremism as a universal problem and the challenge of attempting moderation and modernization.

Love Island : Season 6 Episode 31



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