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Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation - The Best Way to Download and Play This Legendary Game

lara croft: tomb raider (2013) was an awesome reboot to the series. everything from the controls to the story was improved, and it had the best controls since the original tomb raider. however, lara croft is still the same character from the original series. it was unfortunate that they reverted to the old control scheme. it was not good, and it was very unforgiving.

Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation Download] [portable]

tomb raider: the last revelation developer(s) core design publisher(s) eidos interactive producer(s) troy horton designer(s) chris coupemartin gibbinsderek leigh-gilchrist composer(s) peter connelly series tomb raider engine the last revelation platform(s) playstation microsoft windows dreamcast macos release date(s) playstationeu: 19 november 1999na: 6 december 1999microsoft windowsna: 23 november 1999eu: 3 december 1999dreamcasteu: 24 march 2000na: 27 march 2000mac osna: 12 june 2000 genre action-adventure mode(s) single-player media optical disc, download rating(s) elspa: 15+esrb: tpegi: 12 previous game tomb raider iii: the lost artefact next game tomb raider: the times

what it is: the third installment in the "tomb raider" series; the game that started it all. in this game, lara croft has a mission to find the scion of the tomb of osiris. in the first tomb raider, the game was about a tomb raider, who after a lot of adventures with the evil forces that turned her into a crazy woman, that she finally came back to become the tomb raider. in tomb raider 2, the game was about a young girl who became a tomb raider. and, tomb raider 3, also, the tomb raider was a young girl. but, when we put all these three together, we get a story about a tomb raider who had been raised in the tomb, and, then, went out to become a tomb raider. so, it could be argued that this game contains the story of all three tomb raider games.


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