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Purolator Filters Where To Buy

Filtration is everywhere. We filter the air we breathe and the water we drink. Filtration can be found in our cars, refrigerators and even in our showers and coffee machines. Without filtration, there is no baby food, no computers, no medicines. And certainly no clean, safe planet.

purolator filters where to buy

The world is constantly changing. For MANN+HUMMEL, "green mobility" means sustainable mobility thanks to fine and brake dust particulate filters, and other technological innovations for a range of vehicles and machines, even for alternative drive systems. This is how we reliably protect the environment, people, and machines from fine dust and other pollutants.

In order to fight against the increasing air pollution worldwide, we offer cutting-edge filtration solutions for indoor and outdoor areas. For example, our high-performance air filters provide protection in industry, while air filters for HVAC systems or mobile indoor air purifiers offer protection from fine dust, viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants in the air.

Motor and industrial filters from MANN+HUMMEL increase machine efficiency and performance. High costs caused by incorrect machine maintenance and downtimes can be prevented - with intelligent filter monitoring, we set standards in predictive maintenance. For industrial processes that run smoothly.

To continuously create innovative ideas and achieve optimal results, we rely on our global network of researchers, universities and scientific institutions. Our laboratory and development facilities are unmatched, our quality standards unparalleled. We seize the opportunities offered by digital transformation: Digital customer touchpoints enable us to make data-driven decisions from an outside-in perspective. Every day, digitized processes and short communication channels unleash the research and development potential of our MANN+HUMMEL teams at more than 80 locations worldwide - for efficient, economical and sustainable high-performance filters that set the standards today for tomorrow. Innovations and digital ventures will continue to make us a leader in filtration in the future.

Make sure your air quality is clean with the right air filters and get 5% off repeat purchases with our Home Depot Subscriptions delivery service. Schedule your replacement air filters to be sent to you on your time, when you need them most.

Purolator Facet has been providing high-quality fuel filters since 1950, so it's no surprise the brand has a loyal following in the aviation world. While fuel filters were the brand's first foray into filtration, they've since expanded to include oil filters, hydraulic fluid filters, air filters and water filters to their lineup. Whether you're a previous Purolator Facet customer or are just hearing about the brand for the first time, you can find Purolator Facet filters of all types at SkyGeek when you shop the Purolator Facet collection. Fuel Filters When you want a fuel filter that's reliable, long-lasting and proven to work, choose a Purolator Facet fuel filter from SkyGeek. We carry over a dozen Purolator Facet fuel filters to choose from, so you can easily find the right filter for your aircraft. Our filters come in a variety of sizes and styles, but most cartridge-style filters use a pleat system to maximize surface area for fast, complete particulate removal and fuel filtration. Order a filter element assembly or just a Purolator fuel filter element on its own and get outstanding performance at an affordable price. Other Filters Fuel filers aren't the only thing Purolator Facet has to offer. While fuel filters are where Purolator Facet got their start, it's certainly not where the innovation ended. Shop for all kinds of Purolator aircraft filters at SkyGeek, including oil filters, hydraulic fluid filters, air filters and water filters. Like Purolator Facet fuel filters, the brand's other aircraft filters have a pleated design to maximize the filtration surface for faster, more efficient filtration. All of the highly engineered styles are tested and proven to work, so you can shop with confidence. Order Purolator filter products at SkyGeek to improve the performance and efficiency of your aircraft's critical systems. We carry a large selection of filters to choose from and a manufacturer's certification may be added to any order for an additional charge. International shipping is available on most Purolator Facet products, and a filled-out FAA Export 8130-3 form can be purchased with any qualifying filter item. Same-day shipping may also be available.

Purolator Products Company is the largest manufacturer of automotive filters in the United States. The original Purolator filter, invented in 1923, was the first replaceable oil filter for automotive motors. Since that time Purolator brand filters have been marketed by a string of companies, while the Purolator name has remained a leading factor in the automotive filter industry. In the late 1990s, Purolator Products operated as a unit of Mark IV Industries' automotive aftermarket division.

The Bendix Corporation spun off Facet Enterprises, Inc. as an independent company in 1976. The formation of Facet (an acronym for Filters, Automotive Components, and Environmental Technology) was the result of a settlement of a nine-year dispute between Bendix Corp. and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Bendix's 1967 purchase of Fram, a producer of automotive and industrial filters, had been challenged by the FTC on the grounds that, with this merger, too much of the filtration industry would be controlled by one firm. After drawn out negotiations, Bendix agreed to spin off several of its filter operations as Facet Enterprises.

Despite its inauspicious beginning Facet Enterprises survived to become the leading filter manufacturer in the United States. By the early 1980s, under president James Malone, Facet's primary markets were in the automotive and ventilation segments of the filter industry, although the company also manufactured a variety of specialized filters for industrial use. Facet's automotive filters, which generated about one-third of the company's sales, were sold primarily as "private label" products to retailers like Sears and K-mart who then placed their own brand name on the products. Facet was the third largest manufacturer in the private label segment of the automotive filter market, which itself accounted for a large proportion of total industry sales. By 1985, Facet was recording net income of $2.5 million on sales of $171 million.

The genesis of a new company named Purolator Products occurred in 1987 when Facet Enterprises purchased the filter manufacturing end of Purolator, Inc for $67 million. The Purolator name had been associated with automotive filters ever since 1923 when Ernest Sweetland invented the first replaceable automotive oil filter using treated cotton waste. The new filter required fewer oil changes, and provided cleaner oil to the engine, reducing engine wear. Sweetland named his invention "Pure Oil Later," which became the basis for the Purolator line of auto parts. Purolator remained a major force in the auto parts industry through much of the century. During the 1960s Purolator entered the courier business and by the late 1980s this segment of the company's operations had become so successful that Purolator was looking to shed its automotive divisions.

Market research indicated that Facet did not enjoy high brand recognition among consumers, ranking well behind the top three branded filters: Fram, AC-Delco, and Purolator. The four next most recognized brands, however, were all Facet manufactured filters under private labels. In fact, Facet's private label filters accounted for a greater market share than the number one branded filter, Fram. By acquiring Purolator, Facet hoped to capitalize on that company's high profile brand name. With the acquisition, Facet became the country's largest automotive filter manufacturer, controlling an impressive 30 percent of the market. Net income doubled to $4.9 million on sales of $280 million. Automotive filters were now generating over 75 percent of sales for the company with heating and ventilation filters providing the bulk of the remainder.

Lured by Facet's market share Houston based Pennzoil Corporation purchased Facet in 1988 for $233 million. Pennzoil was drawn to the acquisition by Facet's potential as an attractive combination with Pennzoil's growing "quick lube" business, the industry's term for the single service quick oil change outlets that had been springing up across the country since the early 1980s. Pennzoil was one of the leading suppliers of motor oil to the quick lube segment, and Facet provided private label filters to the three largest quick lube operators: Jiffy-Lube, Minit-Lube, and Valvoline Rapid Oil Change.

Most of Facet's business, had been in private label sales of filters to other automotive aftermarket suppliers before the purchase of Purolator and the subsequent name change. After the name change, Purolator began a two-tiered sales strategy, continuing to supply filters for private label use and promoting its own high profile Purolator brand and distinctive logo. Nevertheless private label sales continued to account for the lion's share of Purolator Product's activity in the automotive sector.

When Pennzoil bought Facet in 1988, the company controlled about 32 percent of the automotive filter market. By 1990 this figure had climbed to almost 40 percent with sales reaching over $420 million. In spite of the sales growth, Pennzoil almost immediately began to regret the purchase of Facet and did not foresee realizing a return on their investment. The hoped-for savings in transportation costs in delivering filters to customers was not realized on the balance sheet, as the cost of purchasing and managing the company outstripped Purolator Product's income and the advantage that it offered to Pennzoil's quick lube venture. In addition, Pennzoil's purchase of Jiffy Lube in 1989 set the company up as a direct competitor to other quick lube operators who quickly dropped Facet as a supplier. By 1989 the newly named Purolator Products company was recording a net loss of $7 million. 041b061a72


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